Fundraiser Version
Our March Madness Bracket Contest brings the excitement and attention of BIG TIME SPORTS PROMOTIONS to your fundraising quest.

Additional Fundraising Version Features:
  • Entrants sign up online and fill their brackets
  • No messy registrations, just enter info and picks in one submission
  • We track everything and automate results in real time
  • No annoying ad banners, just a clean site with your content
  • Collect donations for your entrants
  • Collect email and other data from your clientele for future reference.
  • All data collected is private
  • Email entrants with contest updates and any events you may want to advertise
  • No organization too large or too small
  • Thousands of entries? Not a problem
  • If expecting less than 300 entries, use Basic Version and save money.

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One Low Cost: $49.95

*Up to 1000 entrants. For contests larger than 1K, use commercial version contact us for a volume discount


With the fundraiser edition, you can use Paypal to collect your donations. We have embedded the DONATION button onto the site (appears once you input your email address associated with your paypal account), enabling entrants to make payment, and upon success, get directed to make their bracket picks. We are not associated with the funds, we only facilitate a button for you to collect. They go directly into YOUR paypal account. Please read disclaimer below.

For those of you looking for unique fundraiser ideas, look no further! Our pool hosting service is a great way to raise money for your cause, allowing your donors to participate in sporting events they are already watching. Our customers use their pools to fundraise for:
  • Our customers use their pools to fundraise for:
  • School events, functions, and facilities
  • Charities
  • Non-profits
  • More...


The laws relating to fundraising differ depending on your jurisdiction, your non-profit status, and other factors. Please make sure to check state and local laws to be sure you are in compliance. You may also consider presenting tangible prizes rather than distributing winnings.

For this reason, our service does not collect any fees or donations from your members. Our service is only responsible for the collection of picks and generation of reports and standings.